Sunday 17 May 2015

Old Photographs and Osteopathy

Yesterday, I was looking at old photographs of my new baby when he was 100 days old. He’s a year and half now. It’s amazing to see how fast they grow in a year, from crawling to walking to almost running. It made me smile to look back on those pictures and it’s a nice feeling to relive happy moments. So it inspired me to think of how Osteopathy is like old photographs.

Looking back on pictures is a good way to renew, refresh and relive happy feelings we had with family or romantic feelings we had with loved ones. I think in our busy lives it’s important to take time to remember these special people and not take them for granted. So, old photographs are a way to help us renew our feelings for loved ones, friends and family. Similarly, Osteopathy and other therapies are a way to help us feel refreshed so we can feel healthier and energetic. It is easy to take our muscles for granted and let them get tighter every day or ignore a pain until it gets worse. But by doing something healthy every day we can keep our bodies as strong as our memories. If we only put our pictures away, our memories can fade and feelings get weaker. Similarly, if we continue ignoring our aches and body’s warning signs, then our muscles get tighter or weaker. Where photos help us relive happy moments, treatments can help relieve us of painful moments.

Thus, the importance of daily activities. Photos are not meant to be only taken at the moment then stored in the clouds or a dusty photo album. Look at them more often to remember the special people in your life now, not when a tragedy or regret makes us. Similarly, treat your body daily with something healthy for your mind, body or spirit like trying Osteopathy, going for a walk or spending time with that special person from your photos. Osteopathy uses hands-on techniques to improve muscle imbalances, corrects alignment, and increases circulation. These manual treatments can help your muscles avoid getting tighter over time like looking at old photos can help avoid feelings from fading. Looking at my baby’s pictures brought back all those happy feelings like the first day I saw him, and similar to how patients might feel after a holistic treatment. So call your local Osteopathic Practitioner as your healthy act of the day. It’s as simple as taking a picture. 

Dickson Wong
Osteopathic Practitioner

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